Credit Card Payment Bank Gateways

Did you know that you need a payment gateway to accept any online payment? Especially credit and debit cards.

As a matter of security and accuracy, the bank network will not accept direct access from your website. Instead, transactions are always carried out through a payment gateway registered by the bank. Although it seems complicated, it's the most cost-effective way to do it, and we are here to help you. First, you'll need to:

  • Contact your bank and request a merchant account for online transactions

  • Negotiate your Visa/Mastercard commission with your bank

  • Contact AMEX (American Express) directly if you want to pay the additional commission for accepting AMEX

  • Tell them the name of our third-party gateway

  • They will give you a list of requirements that your page must meet (we will help you with those). Once your site qualifies, the bank gives you a merchant account number.

  • Leave the rest in our capable hands.

Why use a third-party gateway?

An interesting question. Some banks just don't offer their own gateway, and those that do, take their customers to their website to process the transaction. That results in a lower sales conversion rate and makes it much more difficult to keep your customer details in your own database, not to mention analytical metrics.

Using our portal also makes it cheaper. Not only in transaction fees but also development expenses. Instead of charging you over 600€ in development time to connect your page to your gateway, we connect your page to our gateway, and there's not a penny to pay for development.


What about refunds and subscriptions?

Another benefit of using our gateway! You can make refunds directly from the order page of your e-commerce CMS, as well as automatic monthly or annual subscriptions. We can even integrate it into your warehouse software so return purchases that your warehouse has approved can automatically be refunded!

But is it safe?

The fact is that our e-commerce system uses 256-bit SSL encryption and security certificates. We don’t store credit card numbers. Meaning, there's no way for a hacker to steal your clients' card numbers, even if they do get in since we don't keep them on our servers! Instead, we use a token, and the card details are stored securely at the bank's gateway, following the PCI DSS standards.

Don't get stung with exorbitant merchant fees. We buy bank payment gateway access wholesale and pass the savings on to you. We know you won’t find a cheaper bank payment gateway.