Fast hosting

Yes, we said fast web hosting, and here in Spain! These are the three main factors that determine how fast your website loads.

How many sites?

1. How many web pages are hosted on the same server?

Web hosting servers (at least the good ones) can host A LOT of websites on the same server. This, however, affects the performance of each website on the server. It is highly unlikely that your website is the only site on the webserver, as it costs thousands of euros a year to run a dedicated server.

Our AR&R for SEO can show you some of the other websites that are hosted on the same server as your website. We will never overload our own servers; after all, lots of our hosting clients are running websites that we have developed for them and for which we do SEO. Since hosting speed is an important SEO factor, you can be sure that we will always be conservative with our server load, rely on us!

2. How does the webserver connect to the Internet?

The speed of the network, the operator and the redundancy of the connection for your web host directly affects the speed of your website. There are a lot of details and they’re very technical, but you get what you pay for!

Bandwidth in Spain is fairly expensive, relatively speaking so often very cheap hosting plans use a lower quality connection. We will compare speeds, testing the speed of your current web server and our server with a neutral third-party website. You’ll be surprised by the results!

What connect?

3. What hardware are the webserver and network running on?

Server hardware needs to be continually replaced. This isn’t just true for the processor itself but for all its components. Is the hard drive a RAID or SAN array? Magnetic drives, traditional HDDs or SSDs? How long have they had those routers/switches/etc, etc?

Máxima Web Hosting takes you to the front of the hosting service with 100% SSD disk drives, without mechanical drives, all in solid-state, like the latest personal computers, phones and flash drives. Some try to cut costs by using cheap SSDs (like those of normal computers) in an industrial environment, but all SSDs on our servers are professional range, designed specifically for servers, so they last.

Test it and see for yourself! Test your existing host against our servers! With a simple speed comparison, you’ll get all the answers you need!