Google Ads

Should I invest in Google Ads? Google Ads, previously known as AdWords, come up on the Google Search Results page and are marked with a green "Ads", you might remember them as 'Sponsored Links', and they appear at the top and bottom of the page. You can also see them on most websites you visit across the internet. Google Ads have the benefit of getting visitors to your page instantly.

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What is this going to cost me?

The answer to that really depends on the answers to other questions like: What industry are you in? Who's your competition? Knowing that might give you a hint to how much you need for your foreseeable budget. We do the bidding, getting you the best price for the clicks on your ad. A click can cost anywhere between 0.50€ and 100€ (and change), it all really depends on how much the potential sale is worth and how much the competition is bidding. The guys at Northern Beaches Window Cleaner were paying between 3€ and 5€ per click.

We have clients that only pay 50€ a month in ads while others invest 4000€ a month! In any case, it’s really up to you to decide what you want to spend on an ads campaign. We take at most 25% to handle your account and all the rest goes straight towards your ads. We will even suggest if you invest more than 1000€ a month, that we handle your ads on an hourly rate, that way it’s a lot cheaper for you, the client.

Is an Ads Campaign Guarantee for Success?

Nothing in this life is guaranteed! However, with our monthly report, that gives you stats, graphs and shows you exactly how well your ads are doing, you can keep track of your ad campaign, and see how much new business it's bringing to your site! That way you can make sure they’re still doing everything you want for your site. Knowing that helps you keep on top of your ad budget and helps you set achievable goals.

Are you using our expert SEO service? Then you can expect a Google Analytics report from us, that clearly shows who is behind the clicks, who is actually buying your products and exactly where they came from - SEO or Ads. Then you can have the guaranteed confidence that your hard-earned marketing budget is going to all the right places!

Many of our clients discover, thanks to these reports, that they actually sell more to visitors who come via organic searches. Enabling them to reduce their Ad budget, invest more in a good SEO campaign, and start making an even bigger profit! Some, though, don't invest in SEO at all and dive headfirst into an Ad campaign. It's rare for that to work, but some find it just what they need. They do admit, however, that as soon as the ad campaigns stop, so do visitors.

While a good SEO establishes a solid reputation for your website with referral links so that even if you do stop your SEO campaign, search engines will still consider your site valuable and visitors will still come.

Responsible Advertising

We make sure that our marketing choices are responsible and affordable. Your cost-per-lead and very likely your cost-per-acquisition will be undeniably lower with Máxima Web. That's what responsible advertising is all about: knowing which advertising maximises your earnings and minimizing all the rest.

Responsible Advertising means you know exactly which ad channel is making you the most money and how much!