Windows Servers

In general, web hosting on Windows servers is more expensive. We, however, are very happy to be able to offer you cheap hosting options on Windows servers for the same price as our high-value Linux options.

What is the difference between Windows and Linux servers?

Windows servers run the Windows Server operating system. That’s expensive licensed software to buy and maintain. Only around 15% of servers run Windows. The vast majority use a version of Linux and either Apache or NGINX web server.

Then would I need a Windows web server?

Some applications do need a Windows server because they use a particular Windows service. At other times it’s simply due to the programming language in which the application was created and the application could have been designed differently to run on any server. Mainly it’s due to limited connectivity with other Windows products; meaning that it’s easier if the application is running on a Windows server. In some cases, an application can use a Windows .exe file to install itself on the server.

What are Dedicated Windows Servers and Windows VPS?

A dedicated Windows server or VPS (Private Virtual Server) can be an affordable way to upload all your office server, data, applications and accounting files to the cloud. Working on the road or from home, or sharing your accounting files with your agency has never been so easy!

Since our servers are right here, in a premium data centre in Spain, you have access to maximum speed.

However, you might want to continue using an existing website written with a Windows-only programming language (such as ASP), and instead of recreating the website, we will just host it directly on a Windows web server.

What’s the downside to Windows web hosting?

Well, we’ve eliminated any additional costs that are associated with Windows hosting, so there really is no downside. However, if you don't have a Windows server, we recommend a Linux server, since they are known for their stability, reliability and security.

Only a small percentage of websites need a Windows server. If that is your website, we can help you.