What about free CMS like WordPress?

With all due respect to its developers, who truthfully have made an amazing product, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for! Why? Because it takes skills to install, configure and customise properly. Without doing all of that, the page will never run smoothly; so, you end up paying a professional to do it and I thought you said that website CMS was supposed to be free?

If you're feeling confident enough so far, let's look at the pros and cons of a "free" CMS.

Pros of free CMSs

Pros to a free CMS:

  • They are free. Which is incredible for what they give you, so long as you’re willing to read all the documentation, actively read forums, install it, configure it, update it… Basically, turn it into your life, your career. Hey, wanna work for us?

Cons to a free CMS:

  • They are not easy to use: Imagine someone gives you a tool, designed to be used for carpentry, plumbing, masonry, for any and every job you can think of! That, my friend, would be one amazing gift! But the problem is, you’re not a carpenter, plumber or a stonemason, so now you have to learn how to use it... and all you really needed was a hammer and a saw ... or even a screwdriver and a spanner. The same goes for free CMS’s. They have 101 tools, but what if you only want 2 of them for your specific requirements?

  • You have to pay for the support and customization services. Do you have a problem? Then you’re going to need to check the documentation and support forums. Can’t find the solution to your problem? Shucks! Looks like you’ll have to pay a professional! With Máxima Web, we teach you how to use the CMS and give support afterwards, completely free and the best thing is: the chances are you won’t need any support since our systems are very easy to use and only contain exactly what you need. You don't have to pay more for customisation because that's what you're getting - a custom CMS.

  • It is almost impossible to stand out with a one-size-fits-all product. Imagine you go to a chain clothing store, you buy something, it fits, kind of… Trouble is, only about 1000 other people have bought that exact same item of clothing as you. It’s difficult to stand out in a crowd when you’re wearing the same thing as everyone else. The same goes for websites! Are you going to be able to compete against all the other sites that use the exact same free system as you? On top of that, the competition has been doing it for a lot longer than you. Whereas if you use a custom-built CMS and website, specially designed for SEO, you'll soon see how fast Google and other search engines notice the difference!

  • More vulnerable to hackers because they know how they work. That is why they are so frequently being updated. You have to update your page, if not, there is a high risk that your site will be hacked and either used to send spam or porn will start to appear, ruining your SEO campaign and reputation, that’s the worst thing that can happen! Even the best free software isn't easy to update, and you can lose your customisations and plugins, even your content if you're not careful. Google, for example, has been warning people about using outdated versions of WordPress because of it, and Google refuses to promote someone who is potentially a danger.

Cons of Free CMS's

If after reading this you still want to try a free website, check out our free website creator