How to choose a SEO

How do I find an SEO I can trust? That’s not so simple, unfortunately, the market isn’t regulated and is saturated with offers from people who really don't know what they are doing. But let's look at the main points…

Think before you act


Research, research, research and then research some more. Dedicate time to searching Google for SEO information. Be careful with web sites selling SEO services (yes, even like this one!). Look for information from SEO authorities like Google Webmaster Guidelines and Search Engine Watch.

If there is something you don't understand, ask the SEO company that you are thinking of hiring, let them explain it to you. You will soon see if they’re unreliable "specialists" because they won't have the patience to answer all of your many questions that you will need to ask to be able to understand what they’re planning to do.

Knowing your area is also very important! Especially if your potential customers are going to be searching for the name of local sites. We have seen lots of web pages 'optimized' for SEO in Spain, but with content that was written by someone in Asia. Use local knowledge for local search results, and if you can, be guided by someone who has achieved a good result and is located in the same area.


Take a look at the website of the company you are considering hiring, look at the testimonials it has. Try to contact the person who allegedly wrote the testimonial, check to see if they have any relationship to the SEO company other than being a real customer. A quick email or a simple phone call can save you a lot of money.


Don't trust the links to a Google search that they provide, they can be manipulated or falsified. Go to and enter the search term yourself, then, if the customer exists, make sure the website actually links to them...

What are people saying?
  • Before hiring an SEO: Research, think, ask and test.

  • If they promise you something amazing, but then run away with your money and steal every last euro from your advertising budget, what use were the promises? They were as useful as a chocolate teapot!

  • Avoid SEOs who guarantee results. Would you trust a weather forecaster who makes spectacular guarantees? Meteorologists don't own the cosmos. SEOs don't own search engines, and they can't guarantee ranking results.