Link Bait

Link Bait

This is where we separate the men from the boys, or in other words, where search engine optimization comes into its own, showing its true colours of a truly professional service and separates from those who just hire someone to fill blogs and other web pages with links to your web page.

SEO is not about creating search engines that like your site but about making a site that will be liked by search engines. To do that, we need to create something that visitors will find interesting, attractive, even enjoyable! That's why we insist that you have unique and well-written content on every page of your website, even when it comes to a product catalogue with thousands upon thousands of products, even when it seems impossible to make something so trivial interesting and write a unique description for each one. We’ll create a template in the CMS to make it as easy as possible for you, even combining standard content (where possible). But there’s really no alternative to having the most attractive and relevant content on every single page.

When you’ve realised that, then you’re ready and we can move on to the next level...

Level 2

Link Bait takes you to the next level. It’s not just engaging content - it's something special, something new, something valuable... something truly yours.

It's something that you willingly give away for free, but it has to be something of value, something that people would be willing to pay for.

Imagine the following:

  1. A link to a product and/or asking for money

  2. A link to something valuable and all you have to do to receive it is follow a link

Which of these two seems more interesting to you? It's not a hard decision to make, is it? Similarly, if you are giving away something valuable, other sites will happily link it to your page; After all, anyone who follows the link will receive something of value-free of charge.

All you need is to use your imagination! We know you’ve got it in you!

Next Level
Create Interest

What can you offer that is so interesting that others link to your page?

  • The best ideas are the ones no one else has thought of yet, something you can offer that no one else can. That’s where the imagination comes in!

  • The second-best ideas are the ones that have been done before, but that you do better than anyone has before!

  • The third best ideas are the ones that have been done really well but haven’t been marketed well, and those are the ideas we can market better!

Your best weapon is your speciality. Already got an amazing idea? Do you already know what kind of diagrams, photos and videos you want? Let us help you develop those ideas - we can create an outline or list of questions that will help shape your ideas, and give you the inspiration that you were missing!

Depending on the business, we can even develop a tool, a resource or even an online game to attract visitors and encourage others to share links to your site. It's those kinds of ideas that attract a LOT of attention, drawing traffic to your site and we can even hype you up on social networks to boost your site.

Below are a few ideas, some of them are ours and some we’ve borrowed:

  • Create an instructional video that relates to your product or trade. It doesn't matter if it's the very same service you offer. Are you a plumber? Show someone how to change a washer on a tap! It’ll bring more visitors to your site and you’ll get credit for offering something gratis in advance

  • Organize an online survey. Some people love them, and the statistical results can be shown live so that the page becomes an active resource for others looking for those kinds of statistics

  • How about a fun Comic? Make or buy them, and have a complete gallery of them, with a new one every week or month, archiving the old ones so that the content is constantly growing. Ask readers for new ideas!

  • Solve the problem! With an online calculator or setup wizard. Taking the time to develop something that is really useful and that you can give away for free, is what Link Bait is all about

  • Giveaways! We all love a good freebie! Visitors will feel motivated to give you something in return (eg. a link to your page). Make it interesting, keep it running for a definite time period and then do it again, regularly