Sending Bulk Email and EDM (Email Direct Marketing)

They’ve noticed you, they like your website or maybe they own some of your products. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot and engage with your customers.

EDM emails

Sending email without limits

Get subscribers through your website or upload a spreadsheet, with just one click everyone will receive your emails and you can group them according to location, interests, or any other filter you can think of. Design email templates or just use an existing one. Upload pictures, drag & drop, it’s that easy! Send as many emails as you like: the only thing limiting you is your hosting data package and not one email marketing campaign has, so far, reached those limits! Doesn't that sound like a challenge?!

Response Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great to know how many people are actually reading your email? Or who clicked one of the links? Now you can! Talk to us about our email response tracking system and we will happily explain all you need to know! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

EDM Tracking
EDM Bounce

Automatic Handling of Bounce Messages

The automatic handling of bounce messages is graduated according to the type of bounce. Which basically means that with our automatic handling and the bounce message is “no such user”, the email address will be deleted from the subscription list, but if the bounce message is “inbox full”, the email address will only be deleted after three unsuccessful consecutive mailings. This keeps your subscriber list crisp and clean, maximizing success rate or your domain's mailings. Make this a key component of your email marketing campaigns and improve deliverability with our automatic handling feature.

100% Deliverable

You can rely on us, we make sure that your bulk emails arrive to your subscribers. How? Firstly we check the deliverability on the big boys; Outlook, Mail, Hotmail, Live, Gmail, and Yahoo. Secondly, your bulk emails are sent speedily, but one at a time, spread over a short period to ensure delivery. What’s more, your recipients can easily unsubscribe whenever they want, in one easy click with no fuss, certain that the email is personalised to them with their details in the body and subject of the message. Your bulk emails are sent from our data centre in Madrid, and so there’s no issue with authentication, directly from your verified email address with a dedicated IP address and reverse lookup, that way none of your bulk emails ends up in a spam folder.

EDM Deliverable
EDM Customisable

100% Customisable

Do you want total customisability? Of course, you do, and at Máxima Web we aim to please! Each mail includes: The name of your subscriber, organisation name of your business or other customisable details you will be able to find in the subject line and message body. It’s these little details that increase your open message rate and response rate! You can customize our system to include anything and everything, from specific data like previous online order etc. We supply a handy little stack of inserts for the date, day of the week, month, year, today, tomorrow, yesterday, next week, next year, to infinity and beyond!

Manage Transactional Mail

Want more control? You can also manage template email messages in the EDM and connect them to one of the triggers used in your web app. This gives you control over the content in email messages your users see like a sign-up or sale, a quotation or an abandoned shopping cart reminder - whatever custom triggers you can dream up!

All our features listed:

  • Premium delivery: As if each message was individually handcrafted

  • Unsubscribe in a click, there is a link in each email

  • Track your clicks: who clicked which link and, how well did each link do

  • Track who read: check how many email were read and which subscribers did

  • Loads of filters: you select groups according to location, interests,…

  • Save mailing lists: you can personalize mailing lists and update them easily; existing customers, new subscribers, but also staff, providers,…

  • Import/export email list from and to spreadsheets

  • Message templates: save, add, or edit. We create a few customized templates, ready to use

  • Google Analytics tracking to follow up on what your user do once they visit your website

  • Archive newsletters on your website, and select the ones you want to hide from the public

  • Automatic Bounce Message Handling & automized recipient unsubscribing

  • Insert data to include the recipient's name and other personalized info, or live data like the date, day of the week, etc, and many other customizable data from your application

  • Universal Header & Footer: add a signature, offer, ... to the top and/or bottom of every email, and change it whenever you want

  • Manage Transactional Mail template messages your users see on various triggers in your web app.

You Want To Send SMS Marketing Messages?

Of course, you do, who wouldn’t? Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Máxima Web CMS can easily include SMS messages for great SMS marketing campaigns, notifications, and authentication!

Message Dashboard

Who Viewed The Message & Visited Which Links