HTML Web Forms For Surveys & Statistical Input

Ask your average web designer how they feel about forms, and you will get a pained puppy dog look in response; developers, on the other hand, love forms. Forms are a means to input data, and developers love data. We love data, and that’s why we don’t use any add-ons or third-party applications. You will have full control over the data, because we’ll be the only ones, besides yourself, handling it.


Data collection doesn't have to be ugly

A well-designed user interface is a beautiful thing to behold, and will instantly improve the participation of the people using it, providing you with higher quality responses and 100% completion.

Custom form validation

Why entrust a Dreamweaver "web designer" with validating the data entry from responding users? They will just copy a script from the internet! Instead, you can rely on a developer to build the required programming for each individual form and ensure you get exactly the response you require in the correct format.

Don't let spammers bother you

Security is our main priority, so rest assured everything we do for your website is safe and has undergone our own extensive penetration testing.

Consequently, we want you to know that Máxima Web websites adopt special anti-spam tactics that prevent spam bots from abusing your web forms. These aren’t intrusive; in fact, we like to think that they are completely invisible to users. Even if your project does attract some type of personalised spam, we will tackle it with a personalised anti-spam.